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  Simco Technologies is an Atlanta based distributor of industrial electronics, sensors, drives, motion control, machine safety and machine vision systems. Please browse our site to get a more comprehensive view of our ability to assist you with your plant automation needs.
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10-bit grayscale: PPT Vision Systems
powerful IMPACT™ machine vision micro-systems
economical, next-generation intelligent cameras. Sharing the robust IMPACT platform developed for advanced image processing applications, the IMPACT T-Series completes a compact, self-contained intelligent camera solution that is easy to use and program, and designed for low-cost applications.
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xycom hmi
Xycom industrial computersProface Xycom, Globally Recognized, Globally Supported, Globally Trusted. Simco is proud to represent Xycom's line of industrial computers, flat panel touch monitors and programmable displays. Pictured here is the new AGP 3000. The visually stunning AGP3000 Series, a new line of Pro-face brand multi-port operator interfaces with bright, crisp XGA displays complemented with high resolution, no-grid, analog resistive touch screens for higher level of screen clarity. Click Here.
sunx photoelectric sensorsClick on the SUNX logo to view our new extensive line of SUNX brand sensors.
sunx photoelectric sensors
GigaView high speed cameraHigh speed camera with TCP/IP gigabit ethernet interface. Burst
1280x1024 @532-fps to
on-board memory or stream for
hours to disk array.
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barcode readerThe new Banner PresencePLUS® P4 BCR vision sensor reads advanced 2D and 1D bar codes including Data Matrix ECC200 and PDF 417. Click Here.
Baldor motion controlBaldor Flex+ Servo Controls
The Flex+ integrates a motion controller and brushless AC servo into a compact package
Moxa industrial ethernet switchesMoxa managed & unmanaged ethernet switches are designed especially for industrial applications.
Baldor H2 servoBaldor’s new line of H2 Servo Drives provides control of 3-phase AC induction servomotor in an industrial package and design.
photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, ultrasonics, lasers machine vision Newton Labs color vision systems Banner pixel counting camera sensors motion control and drives plcs, fieldbus controls, counters, timers, hmi machine safety
Simco Andon Boxes machine vision Simco electronic loom letoff plcs, fieldbus controls, counters, timers, hmi

BANNER Presence Plus Pro


Machine Vision

  1. banner machine visionA full-function vision system that rivals more expensive systems
  2. Even with minimal knowledge of vision systems, you can quickly set up an inspection
  3. Ethernet and flexible I/O in the same full-featured system
  4. Ideal for inspecting complex parts and assemblies
  5. Does not require product alignment or precise or orientation

Simple, straightforward programming makes the PresencePLUS Pro easy to install and operate.


PLC & HMI Products


omron programmable controller, hmi, exor, operator interface, industrial plcPanasonic introduces the new ultra fast compact FP-X series PLC. The FP-X is set to redefine the industrial brick style PLC with new levels of expandability in a small robust package.

hmi operator interface programmable controller omron exor red lion aromatOperator interface products include Panasonic's The NEW GT-11. The GT-11 is full of new functionality; such as Recipe, Graphs, multi-language support and much much more.


Oriental Motor

  Oriental Alpha DC stepper motorOriental Motor features a full line of stepping motors, DC Brushless motors and AC speed controls. AS Series Stepping Motors pictured here is a revolutionary hybrid stepping motor and driver package which eliminates missed steps. The AlphaStep uses a built-in feedback device that constantly monitors the motor shaft position to detect and correct for loss of synchronism. Oriental's Catalog Navigator allows you to select a motor by keyword or part number. Use this handy online tool!

Andon Boxes


andon box GM pull boxSimco Technologies' Andon Boxes are used to signal an alert condition on a production line. They can be activated manually with a pull cord, or they can be remotely activated by an RF signal.


New Vision Sensor From Banner


Banner GEO vision sensorBanner P4 GEO Vision Sensor
PresencePLUS Series

Banner's P4 GEO Vision Sensor Provides an easy-to-use, single-function, low-cost vision sensor to handle 360º part rotation inspections.


ACCU-SORT bar code scanners and RFID Systems


Solutions With Vision

accu-sort rfid and bar code scannersACCU-SORT AXIOM Reader

The AXIOM' 400 Reader offers high scanning speed and a large depth of field. Click Here.


Panasonic Motion Control

  Panasonic motion control Panasonic offers a complete solution for motion control. Low cost high performance Panasonic S series servo. The world smallest PLC, FP Sigma with super high speed 4Mpps motion control unit and a plug-and-play wiring interface block.
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Turnkey Vision Solutions

  PPT Series C30 Vision SystemsSimco can offer turnkey vision solutions using PPT Impact or C Series cameras. On inspections, color applications, OCR or any of you vision needs, we can offer in-house development and integration. We can visit your plant, look at your application, and quote engineering, application development, installation, integration and training. We can design a custom interface for your maintenance people. Call us for your advanced vision requirements.