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We live in a time when technology advancements are made almost weekly. Technology and the Internet have changed the way we live and the way we do business. Every company is faced with choices when it comes to technology and the Internet. Some companies don't like the changes that are taking place. Many companies go along reluctantly or not at all. Whatever your feelings about technology and the Internet, one thing is for sure: they're here to stay.

At Simco we embrace technology without confusion and without doubts. We were one of the very first distributors with a private domain on the Internet. We had EDI capabilities years before that. Today we are pursuing ecommerce. We want to provide our market with the means to do business on the Internet.

We will never abandon the old time honored values which have guided us through 40 years of doing business. We will always rely on our well trained staff and their varied skills. But to go along with our longtime business practices, we will take advantage of the technology available to be a company on the leading edge. Our secure web site will continue to grow, and you can look forward to many interactive features which will offer our customers the option of doing business over the Internet. Be sure and talk to your Simco salesman, or to an inside salesman, about establishing your account online. We will provide this service at no charge to our customers.

In summary, we want to use technology not to replace the traditional means of doing business, but rather to enhance them. We want our valued customers to know that the technology trends that impact business will be embraced by Simco. Our salesmen can demo the latest automation software on laptops. You can page your salesman from our web site, without touching the phone. You can expect to see the latest product releases posted on our site. Announcements about training, open house events and so on will be posted. You can sign up for a secure online account, at no charge. Our intent is to use technology to make us the best place to turn for service and support.