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Slideshow: Making sense of sensors
Banner QC50 True Color Sensor
Omron E3MC RGB color sensor
Banner QT50 Ultrasonic Sensors
Turck Field Wireable Connectors

Banner LT3 long range laser time of flight sensor

Banner's new technology solves long range applications. The LT3 uses pulsed time of flight technology to achieve unsurpassed performance. A million times per second, the LT3 sends out a short pulse of laser light and records how quickly it travels to the target and back to the sensor. The sensor averages the results of a thousand of these pulses and outputs a value - every millisecond!

The sensor's long range and precise beam enable it to detect very small features or parts, even when it's mounted well back from the hazards of a process. This makes the LT3 a powerful tool for error proofing and die protection applications. The retroreflective version accurately positions cranes and other equipment up to 50 meters away.

A great alternative to ultrasonic sensors
The LT3 laser sensor is not affected by wind, temperature, or pressure changes and can be used on targets that are not perpendicular to the sensor.

Bright, visible laser spot simplifies alignment
The bright visible laser spot makes it easy to set up and align.

Simple push-button teach
The LT3 is so simple to set up, you don't even need a manual. Just follow the easy instructions prined on the sensor's side.

Rugged, compact sensor housing
Lightweight, compact, rugged housing that can withstand harsh environments: rated NEMA6, IP67.

Excellent range
50m (164') for the retroreflective model, 2 to 5 m (6.5' to 15') for diffuse models, depending on target color. Can be mounted well away from hazardous parts of the process, yet detect very small features or parts.

• Analog and discrete outputs
• Remote TEACH wire for convenience and security
• Choose 2 m or 9 m unterminated cable, or 8-pin Euro-style swivel quick-disconnect (QD) connector.

Output response is programmable for three speeds: 1, 10, and 100 milliseconds.

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