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Slideshow: Making sense of sensors
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Omron E3MC RGB color sensor
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Turck Field Wireable Connectors
Banner QC50 Color Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors

Banner Engineering produces the industry's most complete integrated line of photoelectric sensors and fiber optics - a photoelectric sensor for every application. Banner, "The Photoelectric Specialist," offers better product line variety, customer service, and value than any other photoelectric manufacturer.


Measurement and Inspection Sensors

Banner has the most complete line of Measurement & Inspection Sensors. Nobody offers more measurement and inspection technologies from one source. This advanced line of products includes ultra-precise L-GAGE™ laser and light gauging sensors, versatile U-GAGE™ ultrasonics, A-GAGE™ measuring light screens, parts sensing light screens and advanced PresencePLUS™ pixel counting sensors.


Uprox Proximity Sensors from Turck

Uprox proximity sensors are the world's first and only universal proximity sensors and are a technological breakthrough in metal sensing. They are the only proximity sensors of their kind that sense all types of metals at the same range.


Capacitive Proximity Switch

You knew that TURCK has the broadest product offering in inductive sensors, but did you also know that we have the most extensive line of capacitive sensors? TURCK has recently added several new sensors to the existing lineup of great products.

An all-new offering of Q-PakTM capacitive sensors is available in packages up to 10 times narrower than conventional barrel-style sensors. Plus, our two new PVDF sensors offer incredible resistance to harsh chemical environments found in the semiconductor and chemical industries.


Flow Sensors

TURCK offers a wide range of flow sensing products to fit all of you application needs. Do you require a low flow alarm to insure your expensive piece of machinery is receiving the proper coolant? What about a high flow alarm that indicates an open line in the system? Maybe your application requires analog feedback for trend documentation?



TURCK is a worldwide leader in the fast growing field of cordsets and industrial wiring solutions.  Our high quality and broad product line is ready to serve your needs.  Your "specials" are our "standards" and "fast" is built into every product.


Linear Transducers

Now available from Patriot Sensors: "the Brik". The new ultra-low profile linear transducer, Series 955, is the smallest profile transducer on the market today. "The Brik" is truly unique in the marketplace because of its small size and low price (units start at $400). The 955 Brik is designed for applications where linear position is needed and mounting space is a premium.


Switching Amplifiers

Intrinsically safe discrete isolated interfaces feature up to four channels and programmable relay or transistor outputs. Short circuit protection, lead-break monitoring and a fault output are optional.


banner qc50 true color detector sensorsQC50 Series True Color Sensors

The new QC50 true color sensor reliably analyzes and identifies user determined colors. Unlike standard sensing methods which only detect light to dark contrast, the advanced Banner QC50 emits a modulated white light which when reflected back from an object is electronically filtered to its red, green and blue components for accurate color determination.