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zero-max couplingCD® Coupling

The Zero-Max CD Coupling is a unique hybrid coupling combining the best features found in both steel disk and elastomeric couplings. Through its patented open arm design and use of rugged composite materials, the coupling offers high misalignment and high torsional stiffness.

All models are available with Setscrew or Clamp style hubs. Hubs are available with steel or aluminum hubs for single flex and double flex.


zero-max couplingsServoClass® Couplings

Zero-Max's New ServoClass Couplings are specifically designed to meet the precision positioning requirements and high reverse-load characteristics common to many of today's AC and DC servomotor applications.

Aided by Finite Element Analysis, the flexible discs accommodate higher torque, high speed and misalignment without premature failure due to fatigue or shock loads. In addition, ServoClass Couplings' one-piece assembly and their lightweight make them the ideal solution for a variety of precision servomotor applications.


zero-max couplingsSchmidt Couplings

Schmidt Couplings
Solve Misalignment Problems

Zero-Max has designed the Schmidt line of couplings specifically for difficult misalignment applications.

The five different Schmidt Coupling types -- Offset, Inline, 5D, Flexible, and Control-Flex® -- provide a full range of design options for solving most misalignment problems.


etp shaft bushingsETP® Shaft Bushings

ETP Bushings are the Ideal Locking Device for all Shaft-To-Hub Connections.

ETP Bushings feature a double-walled sleeve, pressure ring and tightening screws. They slide onto a shaft easily, and securely lock most shaft-mounted motion control components in position.

When the bushing screws are tightened the inner and outer walls of the bushing expand, forming a continuous, tight connection on shaft and hub.

ETP Bushings' unique design and rugged quality make them superior to any other positioning/locking mechanism where keyways and tapers can either weaken or cause excess wear to shaft components.