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woods e-trac invertersTB Wood’s E-trAC® EF1 Microdrive combines the small size and ease of use provided by our XFC & X2C series micro inverters with the latest chip and wire technology to create a high performance, simple to use product. Each EF1 delivers accurate, reliable motor control with many advanced features, including programmable customer I/O terminals, enhanced motor protection, dynamic braking, and high carrier frequencies. Models are available in a variety of operating voltages and in compact NEMA 1/IP31enclosures for international and domestic application compatibility. Initially available up to 5 HP in both 230 vac and 460 vac models, the EF1 is the perfect fit for applications that require the power of a "big" inverter in a small form factor.


woods e-trac invertersNOW AVAILABLE UP TO 75HP!! --- TB Wood’s WF2 Sensorless Vector Drive is one of the most powerful members of the E-trAC® family. The WF2 provides high performance sensorless vector operation, which allows 150% torque down to 0.5Hz. The WF2 also sports a wide variety of enclosure options including NEMA 1/IP31, NEMA 12/IP55 to a IP66 Washdown Enclosure. "Plain English" programming allows simple configuration of the WF2 for your application. No more need to look up data codes in the manual, simply read the programming selections directly off of the built-in 2 x 16 LCD display in Plain English. The WF2 is presently available from 1 - 20 HP @ 230 Vac, 1 - 75 HP @ 460 Vac and 1 - 75 HP @ 575 Vac. Future releases of the WF2 will include higher HP and additional functionality. With Sensorless Vector power, flexible I/O configuration, built-in MODBUS® communications, and a variety of enclosure options, the WF2 can be easily tailored to your most demanding applications.


woods e-trac invertersDelivering advanced high-performance, high horsepower capabilities, TB Wood’s E-trAC® DVC digital vector AC inverters are designed for integration into system-based applications with horsepower ratings to 1300 HP. With both V/Hz and Sensorless Vector Control, the DVC is perfect for simple to the most demanding applications. The DVC supplies the ultimate in set-up and control flexibility with a standard graphical keypad that provides access to over 200 parameters and seven preconfigured parameter sets. Regardless of your application, the DVC provides a solution.


woods e-trac invertersTB Wood's XFC Series of micro inverters, available from FHP through 5 HP, provide simple solutions to a wide variety of present and future application requirements. Voltage specifications for 115, 208/230 and 400/460 VAC power supplies are available for international use, along with flexible customer interfaces, rugged protection features and the industry's easiest programming procedures. With over 54 powerful parameters packaged within elegant, compact enclosures, the XFC is the "small" answer to "big" world challenges.