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sunx photoelectric sensorsNA1-PK3 SERIES NA1-PK5 SERIES

Preventing the Picking of Incorrect Parts
Contributing to productivity improvement with a large, high-visibility job indicator and an enhanced variety of products.
The use of picking sensors prevents the picking of incorrect parts during assembly and packaging operations.


sunx fiber optic sensorsFR-WKZ11 Fixed Focus Fiber Optics

Stable sensing of transparent objects
Even glass substrates can be accurately detected.
Compact head and long sensing range
This fiber has a compact head of W9.5~H5.2~D15 mm
W0.374~H0.205~D0.591 in. Equipped with sharp bending fibers (Allowable bending radius:R1 mm R0.039 in) making it space efficient. It is a retroreflective type with a polarizing filters that has a long sensing range of 3,200 mm 125.984 in.


sunx photoelectric sensorsER-V SERIES

A new style of charge removal
New ultra-compact, high-performance ionizer!
This compact ionizer has a full complement of functions. Its charge removal performance produces excellent ion balance. The compact design removes charges of objects even from narrow spaces. Advanced functions developed with safety and easy maintenance in mind. Nozzle variation allows charge removal for a variety of processes. The SUNX ultra-compact, high-performance ER-V ionizer heralds a new style in charge removal.


sunx photoelectric sensorsCONDUCTIVE TUBE JOINT NOZZLE FOR ER-V
Can be cut anywhere at will for universal installation
Pinpoint charge removal and dust removal made possible near the object.

Can be bent freely yet need not be affixed
Retains bent shape thereby enhancing mountability.