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static control bingo boardsThe SCC "STATBOARD" is designed to display process information at a glance, and can be designed to fit into all ANDON applications for alerting plant maintenance, operators, material drivers, or supervisors when required. Since these Statboards communicate the status of an entire system immediately, response to quality, maintenance, and production problems are shortened, which results in improved productivity. The boards are built for overhead mounting, and are visible up to 300 feet away. The LED's we use are the latest in LED technology, and last up to 100,000 hours. There are over 50 designs to choose from, or you can customize your own with the assistance of a SCC sales representative. When designing a custom Statboard with a customer we can use a number of standard SCC building block components. These standard building blocks consist of 2", 4", and 6" LED PC boards, message marquee's, and numerical displays. There are also a number of different communication options for the customer to choose from, to control the SCC STATBOARD.


static controls marqueeThe SCC Message Marquee product lines are various types of signs that are able to show text messages. These units are typically mounted in an overhead position for customer use. Selections made by Marquee customers are to decide the size of characters required, length of messages and whether Red text will satisfy the needs of the application. In many cases the display of text in Red, Yellow and/or Green will enhance the communication intent of the message. To determine the appropriate size to select for the application, the rule of 50 feet of viewing distance per 1 inch of character height can be used. This results in a 200-foot maximum reading distance for 4-inch characters using a normal text font. Messages can be shown as fixed, flashing slow or fast. They may also scroll if the text exceeds the spaces available on the Marquee. Flashing allows for an alert that will cause the word or words to stand out from the rest of the message. SCC also offers message marquees that can be controlled to show various colors for the text. This tool can be used to associate a condition and urgency along with the text. For example: Green text can be associated with an "all Ok" status Yellow may mean that there is a warning (item needs attention but is not critical) and Red can communicate that machines are down or stopped. The multi color products add to the effectiveness of the communications.


static controls light stacksThis "Stacked" light product is a machine status indicator that provides an alert to personnel within 200 feet of a process. The SCC 4000 is designed to replace the use of outdated incandescent light indicators with an LED based product. The life of the SCC "LED-STACK" is 50,000 hours of operation vs. the 2,000 hours expected from incandescent bulbs. In contrast to incandescent Stack Lights, which are off when a bulb burns out, the SCC LED-STACK provides partial illumination if a LED fails. The SCC unit ties directly to solid state outputs from PLC's, Robots or other Controllers. The LED-STACK simply shows the on or off status of the Output that it is connected to.


simco static web cleaning
The Static Controls Series 800 remote readout display is a self-contained, parallel input, BCD to display converter. The unit may be ordered with one to four 0.6" or 4" LED digits or one to three 1.0" LED digits.

Connections to the display can be made with screw terminals or ribbon cable connectors which are supplied for easy "daisy chaining" of multiple units. The screw terminals are connected in parallel with the ribbon cable connectors.

Multiplexing of multiple displays is accomplished through latch terminals for each individual eight. A programmable decimal point is provided so that each readout can display a decimal point in any position.

Input voltages are available in 5, 12 or 24VDC.