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simco static barsR50 Blue Bar

The Blue Bar is a super high-output, rugged, shockless static bar which can be used in almost any application requiring a static bar. The bar is especially useful for high speed applications and is effective at web speeds of 2500 feet per minute or more. The bar delivers long range static elimination, and can be located up to 6 inches (and sometimes more!) from the target material.

And, as an added benefit, the R50 now comes with a standard 30 month warranty.

The patented Blue Bar is designed for easy cleaning and offers a mounting channel with full length adjustment. The bar's high voltage cable is metal shielded, which controls EMI and RFI emissions, eliminating interference with external controls and circuitry. The R50 includes a high voltage cable which is permanently attached to the bar. If you want a detachable cable, order the R51 instead.

The Blue Bar can be powered by either an M167 or D167Q/D257Q Power Supply, which must be ordered separately. The M167 Power Supply includes a monitoring system to detect arcing conditions and short circuit on the ionizing points and the cable. Indicator lamps verify input and output voltage status as well as arc detection. Optional remote failure signals are available for external monitoring of these features.

The R50 Blue Bar is also available in a moisture resistant version. The Blue Bar MR (moisture resistant) will withstand occasional contact with water, such as splashing or an infrequent washdown when an operator forgets to remove the bar from the wash down area. It will also function in high humidity environments. The Blue Bar MR cannot be immersed in water or subjected to regular washdown.

CE approved.


simco static ionizing gunsTop Gun Ionizing Air Gun

The Top Gun is a lightweight but durable static neutralizing gun which provides superior static elimination and targeted particulate removal for a wide variety of industrial applications. As a forceful blow-off gun, Top Gun easily removes stubborn particulate from surfaces. As a static neutralizer, Top Gun eliminates troublesome static charges responsible for the attraction of contaminants to product surfaces.

The Top Gun is designed for user comfort with its flexible cord and easy-to-use trigger switch. The controls are integrated into the gun body, including ionization monitoring light, replaceable long-lasting air filter, and air output regulator. The cable is protected by a heavy vinyl covered metal shielding. The included power supply mounts with ease above or below the worksurface. The unit's "shockless" design prevents users from experiencing uncomfortable shocks if the ionizing point is touched. The Top Gun accepts both compressed air or inert gases, including nitrogen.

UL and CUL approved.


simco static blowersPhoenix Ionizing Blower

The Phoenix Blower provides optimum extended range static charge neutralization for a wide variety of industrial applications. Designed to efficiently cover a wide area with an electrically balanced ion stream, the Phoenix is powerful, portable, and equipped with a status light to indicate that ionization is present at the emitter points.

The high voltage power supply which energizes the Phoenix's static eliminating system is built into the blower's housing, making it easy to install and move. A variable fan speed control makes it easy to meet specific application requirements.

The Phoenix can lightly clean and neutralize charges on surfaces up to 10' away. In addition, the unit features a patented built-in emitter point cleaner which makes it easy to maintain the unit at optimum efficiency.

UL and CUL approved.


simco static web cleaningQuadClam and HexClam Web Cleaning Systems

These 4 and 6 roll contact cleaners remove particulate from both the top and bottom web-surface. The QuadClam and HexClam allow the top-half of the cleaner assembly to open and the tape-roll to slide out on a drawer. This greatly facilitates tape maintenance and web threading. The HexClam is available to 24” and the QuadClam is for 30”– 60” widths.

Contact Cleaning Product waste results from dust and particulate contamination on surfaces of film, paper, or other substrates. Small particles adhere to the web surface due to static electricity, moisture, etc. These particles lower your product quality, cost you money, cause production loss and dissatisfied customers. Vacuum systems are generally effective in removing contaminants down to 20 micron in size. Simco’s Narrow Web Contact Cleaning Systems can remove particles from 20 down to 1 micron. Using CCRs in a nip configuration, the CCR applies from 0.5 to 2 psi pressure on the web, squeezing out the boundary layer of air. Performance evaluations reveal a cleaning efficiency of 97% of particles down to 10 micron in size and removal of most particles to 1 micron in size.