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rollon linear bearingsWith the revolutionary K+U system, COMPACT RAIL High Performance introduces the world's only two rail, SELF-ALIGNING linear precision system.
The original design allows the k+U rail system to absorb rotational positioning errors, misalignments between lateral planes, longitudinal parallelism errors or a combination of all of these.

The COMPACT RAIL High Performance system introduces other interesting new features:

High Performance sliders with redesigned rollers which offer higher radial and axial load capacities and new bearing steel for the rails which allows much higher lifetimes.

New N-series sliders offer even better body protection due to standard nickelplating, and higher body stiffness due to improved body design.

New CDW sliders offer the possibility of top/bottom-side mounting, due to fixing holes placed at 90° (to the rollers' axis).

Additional rail mounting possibilities are now offered. In addition to the popular c'sunk screws for quick assembling, new TORX® cylindrical fixing screws for precise rail adjustment are now standard as well. In addition, all rails will have a standard pitch.

Rollon 's revolutionary COMPACT RAIL is constantly evolving, confirming its position as the leader in linear bearings for roller slider systems.


rollon telescopic railTELESCOPIC RAIL
With its new family, TELESCOPIC RAIL, ROLLON renovates its line of telescopic slides.

ROLLON’s successful HEAVY DUTY rails have dominated the telescopic rail market with their ability to be so much more than drawer slides.

In fields where high load capacities, reliability, low deflection, and smoothness of movement are important, there has never really been another option.

With our new TELESCOPIC RAIL family, all of the characteristics that made HEAVY DUTY rails so popular were actually improved upon.

Design improvements on existing products and the addition of new ones will allow ROLLON’s extended family of telescopic rails to remain the industry leader.

Some of the improvements and additions include:

• Rationalized and simplified designs allowing a standard pitch for all rails;

• Technical and design changes with improvements in load capacity;

• Introduction of new products like the DE and DS series which represent real evolution in telescopic rail technology.

The new DS series, which is pictured below, is a perfect example of ROLLON’s commitment to offer the market innovative, problem solving, linear motion products.

This high quality slide allows engineers to resolve various difficult applications involving loads that extend out into overhanging positions or with limited mounting areas.

Knowing that space is always an important factor, the DS series along with the rest of the TELESCOPIC RAIL family is designed to fit into tight spaces.

Reliability remains one of the determining factors in the choice of a TELESCOPIC RAIL product.

The slides are made from cold drawn bearing steel and never from bent sheet metal.

Hardened raceways guarantee continuous movement even with heavy loads.

They also ensure that the slides work well even with vibrations that render simple drawer slides inoperative almost immediately.

The precision of the materials and the tight constructive tolerances allow a sweet, smooth slide without play – even with the maximum loads applied.

The TELESCOPIC RAIL family offers various types of slides which means that a design engineer can easily find an original solution for each application.

All of the products have innovative, problem-solving designs.

In addition to the DS series mentioned above, this family also includes:

• Other telescopic slides with hardened races

• Telescopic slides with non-hardened races

• Semi-telescopic slides with rails that extend more than half of their length out of either side of the fixed part of the slide. All of these rails feature original designs built to solve problems.


rollon uniline linear actuatorsUNILINE- The only choice
UNILINE is a family of linear actuators designed to facilitate the work of the design engineer.
Assembled with only the best components, UNILINE actuators are of the highest quality.
By specifying a UNILINE actuator, the design engineer must no longer spend time selecting, purchasing, and testing various components to provide linear movement.
Instead, the designer is free to focus on those other parts of the machine that will set it apart from the competition.

UNILINE's strength resides in the many advantages it offers:

• It is a complete solution. Based on the linear rail from the ROLLON COMPACT RAIL HP family mounted in an extruded aluminum-alloy profile, it is compatible with the myriad of standard mounting accessories found in the market;
• It is versatile. With many configurations and sizes available, including versions with extra long and with multiple trolleys;
• It is smart. Allowing the designer to spend time elsewhere instead of in the details of the linear motion;
• It is safe. With the linear rail and slide placed inside the extrusion, the units easily surpass modern safety norms protecting workers from moving parts;
• It makes economic sense. The highest quality components are skillfully assembled and are ready to mount and go;
• It is esthetically pleasing in its compact and clean lines;
• It is rapid in movement and in its delivery to you;
• It is a ROLLON product, which in itself is a guarantee of quality, timeliness, and service.