Balluff sensors
Balluff prox switches The principle of Balluff inductive proximity sensors is based on the interaction between metallic conductors and an electromagnetic alternating field. Eddy current fields are induced in the conductor, which remove energy from the field and reduce the height of the oscillation amplitude. This change is processed in the inductive sensor, which changes its output state accordingly.
Balluff photoelectrics Balluff Photoelectrics
Diffuse types have the emitter and receiver integrated into a single housing. Orientation to the target is not critical.
Retroreflective Retroreflective types have the emitter and receiver integrated into a single housing. A reflector on the opposite side of the beam bounces the emitter‘s light back to the receiver.
Thru-Beam Thru-beam types consist of discrete emitter and receiver components, which must be oriented directly opposite from each other.
Balluff capacitive prox switches
Capacitive Sensors
Capacitive sensors detect the change in capacitance caused by the approach of an object. Their advantage lies in the ability to detect virtually any material, from metals to oils.
Balluff magnetic sensors Balluff Magnetic Field Sensors
Permanent magnets are built into the piston ring of the pneumatic cylinder. The BMF senses the magnets through the non-ferrous cylinder wall. When the piston approaches the sensor, its output state switches. At a magnetic field strength of approx. 2 kA/m to 30 kA/m, the BMF sensor will exhibit no multiple switching on the cylinder. The overtravel distance is nearly constant within this field strength range.
Balluff identification systems Balluff Identification Systems
Software for reading and writing code tags over the serial interface using Balluff Protocol 007.
This software allows all BIS C code tags to be read and written. It also provides an easy method of initializing code tags for the "memory optimization" and "CRC-Check" functions.
Code tags can be easily programmed for the BIS C-.60R read-only system.

The software communicates with the BALLUFF processor over a standard PC serial interface and runs under Windows NT 4., Windows 95 and Windows 2000.
Balluff electromechanical switches

Balluff electromechanical sensors Electromechanical sensors include electromechanical limit switches as well as rotary cam switches with electromechanical and/or inductive switch elements. They serve as non-contact command givers with automatic controls for positioning and limit switching on machine tools, flexible manufacturing equipment, robots, assembly and conveying equipment, in the automobile industry, as well as general machinery and equipment applications.

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