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Machine Vision


banner machine visionPresencePLUS P4 GEO Vision Sensor
Banner Vision

Banner's P4 GEO Vision Sensor Provides an easy-to-use, single-function, low-cost vision sensor to handle 360º part rotation inspections.
Banner has a complete line of Vision Sensors. This line of products includes the PresencePLUS Pixel-Counting Sensor, PresencePLUS Pro Sensor and PresencePLUS P4 GEO. The PresencePLUS Pixel-Counting Sensor captures a 256-level grayscale image of a defined area, converts the image to white and black pixels, and renders a PASS or FAIL judgement of the image. The PresencePLUS Pro and PresencePLUS P4 inspect for multiple features and communicates over Ethernet, serial or through discrete outputs.


Banner machine visionBanner Presence Plus Pro Vision System

Simple, straightforward programming makes the PresencePLUS Pro easy to install and operate. "Establishing the optimum focus, lighting, and other photographic parameters of an inspection was well facilitated with the aid of the video output from the Banner controller. Adjusting the target image on a TV monitor is actually much easier than using a laptop display due to the high resolution and refresh rate," Carr also said. Even with minimal knowledge of vision systems, an inspection that correctly tests and rejects bad parts on a production line can be quickly set up. PresencePLUS Pro is set up using a remote PC, and after set up, inspections are stored in the system without the need for the PC. PresencePLUS Pro performs multiple inspections simultaneously and inspects for both translational and rotational variation. Parts moving down a production line or web are accurately inspected without the need to be orientated in exactly the same way in the camera's field of view.


ppt machine visionPPT Impact Imagers

PPT VISION offers the industry’s most complete package of hardware, software, application engineering and support. IMPACT cameras are configured and controlled entirely through Inspection Builder software. All communication signals and power are transmitted serially via a single cable. This includes images, set-up parameters, and triggers. They are tamper-free, with no dip-switches, toggles, buttons, or separate power supplies. In addition, their small size, light weight, and sturdy mounting bracket provide maximum installation flexibility and ease-of-use.


PresencePLUS® P4 Bar Code Reader
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The new PresencePLUS® P4 BCR vision sensor reads advanced 2D and 1D bar codes including Data Matrix ECC200 and PDF 417, as well as linear codes such as Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN-8 and EAN-13 (supports UPC-A). Priced at 50 percent less than comparable vision-based bar code sensing solutions, Banner’s PresencePLUS P4 BCR bar code sensor includes a lens and lighting for only $1995.


P4 Omni Baner vision sensorPresencePLUS® P4 Omni
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The P4 Omni combines all the vision tools into the familiar P4 profile. Locate, GEO Locate, GEO Count, Edge, Object, Grayscale, Blob, Measure, Commnication, available in standard 640 x 480 or hi-res 1280 x 1024.


PPT CameraTurnkey Vision Solutions

Simco can offer turnkey vision solutions using PPT Impact or C30 Series cameras. On inspections, color applications, OCR or any of you vision needs, we can offer in-house development and integration. We can visit your plant, look at your application, and quote engineering, application development, installation, integration and training. We can design a custom interface for your maintenance people. Call us for your advanced vision requirements.


P4 Banner hi res vision sensorsBanner P4 Hi-Res Vision Sensors

Banner's 1280 x 1024 Resolution Vision Sensors are available as dedicated cameras [Edge/Object, Blob/Grayscale, Geo Count], or as the Series 1.3 hi-res version of the new P4 Omni Cameras, which include all the vision tools in one model.