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  WAGO terminal blocks
WAGO cage clamp terminal blocks WAGO offers an abundant array of products for PCB connections. For any application, WAGO has a solution for wire sizes ranging from AWG 28 to 6 and pin spacing ranging from 2.5 mm to 20 mm - using WAGO CAGE CLAMP® push-wire or IDC connections. In order to adapt to different mounting conditions, the user can choose among WAGO PCB terminal blocks with a vertical or horizontal conductor entry or at an angle of 45° to the PCB.
WAGO i/o The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 is the smallest modular, fieldbus independent, distributed I/O system. It makes cost and space saving design of fieldbus nodes possible due to the free combination of digital, analogue and special function I/O modules.
Optimized for a wide varity of applications:
  • Fine modularity: 1, 2, 4, or 8 channels per module.
  • A safe investment: Fieldbus independent node design. Fieldbus coupler with PLC functionality (controller) for distributed control networks in compliance with IEC 61131-3.
  • Flexible: Digital/analog inputs/outputs and special functions with different voltage and signal types can be assembled in one fieldbus node.
  • Dependable: Approved for industrial automation, building automation, ship building, and onshore or offshore applications. Reliable - even in harsh environmental conditions.
WAGO 752 i/o system Digital I/Os still play an important role in the field of decentralized fieldbus components. That's why WAGO developed the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 752, which is a perfect addition to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750. The system is extremely compact, space saving, and cost effective. The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 752 consists of a base module which allows prewiring of the sensor/actuator connections and a pluggable electronic module which incorporates the entire electronics. An electronic module can be replaced without interfering with the field wiring. The power supply to the sensors is protected by a fuse in the base module.
WAGO industrial pc The IPC is a cost-effective industrial compact PC solution for real time control applications. In spite of its small size, the IPC integrates all standard PC functions, including network and fieldbus interfaces, for local and remote control applications.
The small housing is mountable on a DIN 35 rail.
WAGO I/O modules can be directly connected.
WAGO signal conditioner The mechanical assembly of pluggable modules for the mounting on terminal blocks for rails TS 35 offers all the advantages of the CAGE CLAMP® connection. The separation in wiring and function levels offers a maximum of flexibility and ease of servicing. WAGO analog and signal conditioning modules are designed to work with common types of "J" (Fe-CuNi) and "K" (NiCr-Ni) thermo-couples which comply with IEC standard 584 part 1, with cold junction compensation.
WAGO surge protector

WAGO's surge protection devices help protect against damage from lightning or surge overvoltages.  By using the WAGO PROTECT system, users can help ensure facility, equipment and data safety preventing errors, damage and costly downtime. 

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