southern vision high speed cameras
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SVSi is a manufacturer of high speed cameras for slow-motion digital video analysis. Our portable, easy-to-use camera systems are available for purchase or rental and feature SVSi's proprietary image-cued triggering capability. All systems come with software for recording and play-back of digital video. Call today for pricing and availability of high speed cameras and accessories.
GigaView high speed cameras

Troubleshooting (Burst) Mode

When things move too fast for the eye to see, GigaView lets you analyze high speed motion frame-by-frame to determine what’s going wrong.  The user-friendly software interface makes setup and operation a snap so you can concentrate on getting your production or packaging line to maximum efficiency

Monitoring (Stream) Mode

Once troubleshooting is complete and your production or packaging line is back running at full speed, GigaView can be set up to monitor an entire shift’s operation with its streaming mode.  By storing 640x480 (VGA) images to disk array at 200-fps for up to 8-hrs, power disruptions, external interference, or equipment failures can be documented in detail. 

panasonic hmiStreamView LR Portable

A portable battery-powered high speed camera for machine trouble shooting and slow motion replay. Record for several seconds to RAM or for hours to disk array. Video recording software included.


aromat touch screenMemView

Low-cost portable high speed camera with USB-2 interface and on-board memory.

With its user-friendly USB-2 interface and intuitive software, MemView makes troubleshooting high speed machinery and events quick and easy.  Play back operating failures in slow motion – frame-by-frame if necessary.  MemView comes standard with a suite of features not found on any other industrial high speed camera – auto-exposure, 10-bit grayscale, image-cued triggering, and sector recording.  We also offer the MemView-LR as a lower cost alternative with 640x480 (VGA) resolution as compared to MemView’s 1280x1024 resolution.

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