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PPT A-10The IMPACT A-10 along with the bundled IMPACT Software Suite delivers all the power of advanced inspection capabilities in a vision sensor profile. The IMPACT Software Suite’s three modules—IMPACT KickStart™, Vision Program Manager (VPM™) and Control Panel Manager (CPM™)—allow for quick setup, storage and viewing of captured images through the entire application, even as inspection requirements change. Housed in a compact yet robust hardware configuration, the IMPACT A-10 offers faster on-board image processing, more memory, real-time I/O and the speed of Gigabit Ethernet communications.
PPT Impact T-22The IMPACT™ T22, is an intelligent camera designed as a drop-in replacement for obsolete or underpowered vision systems. An extension to the IMPACT T-series, the T22 is an intelligent camera with the image processing computer contained inside the camera, enabling it to be deployed without additional image processing hardware typically found in older machine vision systems. Recent advancements in intelligent camera technology have made machine vision affordable and robust. With a ½ -inch CCD, the IMPACT T22 is interchangeable with older, camera-based vision systems, enabling manufacturers to upgrade older vision engines to achieve 100 percent real-time inspection while reusing existing optical and lighting components. The IMPACT T22 is a suitable replacement for both analog and digital systems.
PPT Impact T-27The IMPACT™ T26 and T27, the highest-resolution intelligent cameras available in the machine vision industry, are designed to give manufacturers greater accuracy and improved defect detection, compared to standard resolution vision systems. The IMPACT T26 incorporates a 1280 X 1024 CMOS high resolution imager that provides an economical machine vision solution with all the features of a full-scale high-resolution system. The IMPACT T27 is the industry’s highest resolution intelligent camera. With a 1600 X 1200 CCD imager, it’s ideal for the most accurate and repeatable defect detection even at high production speeds.
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