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baldor H2 servo controlsBaldor’s new line of H2 Servo Drives provides control of 3-phase AC induction servomotor in an industrial package and design. These Nema 1 controls offer Baldor’s easy to use Smart Keypad for easy setup and flexibility. The H2 keypad follows the same easy to use menu structure as that of its companions, the H2 Inverter and H2 Vector drives.Baldor H2 servo drives

baldor servo controlsBaldor Competitive Crossover

Use this link to cross over competitor's gearmotors, speed reducers and motors. Each cross reference is based on published information or a close match. By using this convenient tool from Baldor, you select the competitor's product from a list, and Baldor will provide the cross reference for you.


baldor servo controlsBaldor Flex+ Servo Controls

The Flex+ integrates a motion controller and brushless AC servo into a compact package capable of providing up to 15 pre-set point-to-point moves. Moves may be incremental or absolute, and include a return to home. Repeatable moves become easy to accomplish, with this easy to set up, easy to program, stand alone package. Models available with and without internal power supply for 115/230/400/460 Vac and currents to 15/15/27/27 amps.


baldor ac inverterAC Inverters

Adjustable speed Inverter controls for AC Induction motors are available in a variety of ratings, input voltages, and enclosure styles. Whether you are automating equipment or preparing to save energy on fans and pumps Baldor has an easy to use motor control for all your needs. From small mini inverters to floor mounted cabinets Baldor has stock ratings from 1/3 to 450 HP. All units are UL and CUL listed and many are standard with ready to mount NEMA 1 enclosures and easy to use Operator Keypads.


baldor dc motorsDC Motors

These NEMA frame DC motors include permanent magnet designs through 5 HP and would field designs through 500 HP designed for adjustable speed operation from SCR controls. Applications include conveyors, extruders, winders, printing presses and metering pumps. Most designs are constructed so a tachometer may be added for closed loop applications. Permanent magnet and wound field designs for 90 or 180 VDC have a 20:1 constant torque speed range.