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kubler encoders“Kübler by TURCK” Adds a New Line of 37 Series Composite Encoders That Offer Low Cost, Compact Size and Optimized Performance

TURCK Inc. announces the “Kübler by TURCK” 37 series composite encoder offering lower cost, compact size and optimized performance. The housing is 37 mm (1.5”) in diameter and is made of a new high tech composite material. It can be ordered in shaft and hollow shaft versions. Utilizing new sensing technologies and construction methods, the 37 series is extremely reliable, can be operated up to 90°C (194°F), is shock proof and resistant to EMI.

The 3700 can be ordered with a variety of resolutions up to 1024 PPR in quadrature, and is available with a 5-30 V differential line driver interface. Temperature and aging compensation is standard. The cable egress employs our “Tube Tech®” cable connection technology offering strain relief 10 times greater than standard PG connections and conforms to IP 67. Applications include packaging machines, material handling, pick & place machines, vehicles, medical and office equipment.
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Series 37 Specs


kubler encoders“Kubler by TURCK” Adds a New Line of Profibus-DP Programmable Multiturn Absolute Encoders

TURCK Inc. introduces the “Kübler by TURCK” line of Profibus-DP programmable multiturn absolute encoders incorporating our patented Intelligent Sensing Technology (”IST”) non-contact and Integrated Technology (“IT“). Available in shaft and large bore hollowshaft construction, with a Class 2 Profibus-DP fieldbus communication protocol, supporting user specific configuration and diagnostic programming. Included in the T-coupler box are address DIP switches and an on-board terminating resistor. These encoders are available with 25-bits of resolution (8192 in the first turn and 4096 turns). Environmental ratings include IP 65 and IP 66 with shaft seals. “IST” and “IT” are non-contact design and construction technologies using custom ASICs with all components mounted on a single PCB. Enhancing performance over traditional methods of construction enables shock loads up to 250 gs, high resistance to EMI, high reliability and long life. This model is suited for applications in and around frequency converters, drives, clutches and brakes.
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kubler hollowshaft encodersIntroducing the 58 Series Hollowshaft Encoder from “Kübler by TURCK”

TURCK Inc. announces the “Kübler by TURCK” 58 series hollowshaft encoders are available with the M12, eurofast ® quick disconnect and overmolded mating cordsets. Our complete line may be configured for environmental ratings of IP 65, IP 66, IP 67. The M12 eurofast quick disconnect offers higher performance, lower cost and enables fast, reliable installation. Coupled with our Intelligent Sensing Technology (”IST”), this combination has proven reliable in applications subjected to harsh environments including: high shock, vibration and temperature extremes.

Our “Kübler by TURCK” Plus offers short-circuit protection, over voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, aging and temperature compensation. The 58 series is available in standard and metric bore sizes up to 1/2” with incremental differential quadrature outputs up to 36,000 pulses per revolution and absolute outputs up to 14-bits in gray, binary and BCD. Analog 4-20 mA versions are also available. Optional features include stainless steel housings, high temperature up to +110°C (+230°F) and sine wave outputs. Applications include switch gear, meters, motors, conveyors and packaging equipment.
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kubler encoders“Kübler by TURCK” Introduces the Flexible, Configurable
and Tough 5862/82 Absolute Encoders

TURCK Inc. announces the “Kübler by TURCK” innovative and patented Intelligent Sensing Technology (”IST”) has been incorporated into the design of their new line of programmable absolute multiturn encoders. Flexible, configurable, tough and low profile characterize our 5862/82 absolute encoders. The 25-bit resolution enables 8192 positions in the first turn and 4096 turns. These encoders can be ordered with both an SSI or RS485 output. Shock ratings (250 g/6 ms), greater than five times the industry standard and high resistance to EMI, are achieved through our patented “Intelligent Sensing Technology” (”IST”). Constructed with a custom ASIC instead of gears, all components are mounted on a single PCB. Capable of 6000 RPM continuous duty and rapid acceleration changes, the 5862/82 is highly suited for use in clutch and brake applications. Available in shaft and hollowshaft construction, the 5882 hollowshaft has a low profile with shaft bores up to 3/8” and 12 mm. The hollowshaft simplifies mounting, eliminates couplings, reduces cost, increases accuracy and extends life. The EZ-Turn programming software enables the user to configure total resolution, number of turns, output code, direction of rotation, limit switches and alarms. This software also contains a menu for system diagnostics.
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