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Formulas to assist in drive selection
Alpha Gear
Neugart WGE
IMS MicroLynx
Flex Drive

Varimot R Box
Single-stage RX series as well as two and three stage coaxial design of the R series with high permissible overhung loads. Available in foot and flange mountings.

Varimot F Box
Particularly slim helical geared motors of the F series with parallel shafts for mounting wherever space is limited. Available in foot, flange and shaft mounted versions.
Varimot K Box
Three-stage helical-bevel geared motors of the K series with a high efficiency in both torque directions and high-endurance gearing. Available in foot, flange and shaft mounted versions.
Varimot S Box
Dual-stage helical and helical-worm geared motors of the S series with large reduction ratios in the helical-worm stage and very low operating noise.
AC Brake Motors
Brake motors are available in frame sizes 63-225 with integrated DC operated fail-safe disc brake. The brake rectifier is installed in the terminal box as standard but is also available as a switch cabinet feature.

Movitrac AC Inverter
SEW MOVITR AC Frequency Inverters with internal microprocessor control provide a stepless variable electronic speed control of SEW AC geared motors and brake motors. MOVITRAC frequency inverters are designed for switch cabinet installation. Their user-friendly control and information concept permits fast commissioning and ease of use. The basic unit enables one-quadrant-operation with electronic reversal and without regenerative braking.

When fitted with a braking resistor, four quadrant operation is possible, i.e. driving and regenerative braking in both directions of rotation. SEW MOVITRAC frequency inverters meet the EMC standards EN 50 081 and EN 50 082 as a prerequisite for conformity of the complete electrical installation to the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC. The other prerequisite is EMC-compliant installation.



MOVIMOT is the name of the new combination of SEW geared motor from the proven modular drive system and a digital frequency inverter in the power range from 0.37 to 3 kW. Available as helical, parallel shaft helical, helical-bevel, SPIROPLAN® and helical-worm geared motors with and without brake in all standard designs and mounting positions for mains voltages of 380 to 500 Volts. With the cUL US approval, MOVIMOT is also the new component for automation with decentralized drive systems, especially for North America. Compact MOVIMOT has similar overall dimensions as the familiar SEW geared motors and already has the frequency inverter "on-board". All necessary electrical connections between inverter and motor are integrated interference-free.

With MOVIMOT you save from the very beginning: from the purchase price, design and installation to commissioning. It requires no control cabinet space or shielded motor leads, neither frequency inverter nor connections to the motor must be installed. All design and commissioning tasks are accomplished in less time and thus result in reduced costs.



MOVIDRIVE is the high-quality inverter for asynchronous or permanent-field synchronous motors. For standard or servo drives up to 90 kW for with a voltage of 3 x 380 to 500 V or 3 x 200 to 240 V (Power to 15 kW). MOVIDRIVE® works in a field-oriented fashion with two different control modes:

VFC - Voltage-mode Flux Control or CFC

Current-mode Flux Control High-quality asynchronous drives can be implemented using VFC with or without a tachometer. Asynchronous drives achieve servo characteristics using CFC with an encoder.

MOVIDRIVE drive inverters comply with the EMC regulations in EN 50 081/50 082, provided they are installed correctly with regard to EMC considerations.

Other special features:

  • High starting and operating torque thanks to VFC control mode with at least 150 % rated torque starting at 0.5 Hz

    CFC control mode with at least 160 % rated torque across the entire control range

    Simple procedure for setting parameters, operation and diagnosis using the MX_Shell PC graphic user interface

    MX_Scope PC process data visualization for optimizing the drive and documenting its characteristics using an oscilloscope Application-oriented functions such as hoisting function and flying restart circuit IPOS plus positioning and sequence control system for positioning and control tasks without extra hardware

    Optional additional functions, for example synchronous operation controller and fieldbus interfaces for PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, CAN, DeviceNet UL and cUL approval for use in North America