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IMS Micro Lynx Motion Controller

MicroLYNX Integrated Microstepping Motor Drive and High-Performance Machine/Process Controller The MicroLYNX, from Intelligent Motion Systems, is a complete motion control solution in a compact, easy-to-install panel mounted assembly. The MicroLYNX motion control system integrates a bipolar stepper motor microstepping drive and a versatile programmable indexer with expandable I/O and multiple communication ports all running off a single supply. The same small package comes in two power ranges: the MicroLYNX4 runs at +12 to +48VDC with 3A RMS (4A peak) output, and the MicroLYNX-7 runs at +24 to +75VDC with 5A RMS (7A peak) output. The MicroLYNX allows the user to customize the I/O to suit the application. Six isolated +5 to +24VDC short circuit protected, general purpose programmable I/O lines are standard, with optional expansion modules that can be added for a total of 24 lines. Other I/O types available include high speed differential I/O and analog/joystick inputs. The MicroLYNX features two isolated fully independent communication ports, adding unique flexibility and allowing simultaneous usage of RS-232, RS-485 and CAN. Additional features include: open/close loop stepper motor control; flexible instruction set to allow for following, registration, electronic gearing & point-to-point motion applications; no additional heat sink required at full output power; programmable current settings to boost acceleration, run cooler; programmable filtering on inputs. The robust design of the MicroLYNX makes it well suited for industrial electrical environments and ideal for applications such as: packaging, medical, semi conductor, labeling, inspection, engraving and material handling. Each unit is 100% tested and comes with a 2-year warranty. Innovative motion control that is SMALL, POWERFUL and INEXPENSIVE.