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Formulas to assist in drive selection
Alpha Gear
Neugart WGE
IMS MicroLynx

The Baldor FlexDrive

Flex+Drive and MINTDrive. These new drives are offered with input voltages of 115VAC to 460VAC, 50/60 Hertz and have been designed to serve machine builders who market products worldwide. CE and UL approvals are standard.

When matched with Baldor's BSM servo motors, these drives can deliver torques to 366 and speeds up to 7000 RPM. FlexDrive is a compact digital servo control that features Baldor auto-tuning and Windows® set up wizard. Integration with a standard programmable motion controller is easy due to the standard 10V input command. Standard features include pulse and direction, electronic handwheel (pulse/follower) and PLC functionality.


Baldor Flex+Drive

Flex+Drive offers the additional feature of point-to-point positioning. It can be programmed using switches or serial commands to move to any of fifteen pre-set positions. Flex+Drive can be commanded to move to any relative or absolute position, making it ideal for a wide range of simple machine control applications.


MINT Drive

MINTDrive is a fully programmable position controller. It integrates Baldor's MINT®motion control programming language into a single easy to use package, eliminating the need for an external motion control or PLC. The MINT language uses simple key words to make complex functions easy, such as electronic cams, phasing to a registration mark, gearing and flying shears. MINTDrive features digital and analog I/O, RS232/RS485 ports, two CANbus serial ports and an optional operator interface. Options on all these new Baldor drives include CANbus, a choice of feedback devices (resolver or encoder), a separate +24V for the logic voltage, and internal regen resistor on some models.