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InterlinkBT Ethernet Repeater

InterlinkBT™ has announced the Ethernet Switch—an eight-port, 10BaseT Ethernet Switch designed for industrial applications. The rugged construction of the new switch withstands harsh environments, enabling Ethernet to be implemented in locations where it was previously impossible. The Ethernet Switch manages communication and delivers regulated power for field devices with the features and performance of traditional switches used in the office environment. InterlinkBT also provides CAT 5e eurofast® patch cords, receptacles and RJ45 adapter cordsets.

Measuring just 221 mm wide, x 148 mm high, x 81 mm deep (8.7" x 5.8" x 3.2"), the Ethernet Switch fits easily into small spaces. The compact, cost-effective switch reduces total automation cost, compared with point-to-point control using bulky expensive hardware and inflexible wiring methods.

The Ethernet Switch monitors and indicates traffic continuously, keeping operators constantly aware of traffic status. Two integral power connectors enable users to connect redundant power supplies for additional production security.

The switch’s durable aluminum housing, rated NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6, 12, 13 and IEC IP67, withstands harsh environments and eliminates the need for additional enclosures. Integral nickel-plated brass connectors, 8-pin eurofast® for field devices and two minifast® for power connection, provide plug-and-play convenience enabling users to create and reconfigure systems quickly for changing production requirements. The Ethernet Switch has earned electrical certifications: UL 904V, 508 - (CSA) 22.2 No. 14, and operates in temperatures of 32°F to 131°F ( 0° to 55°C ).