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Formulas to assist in drive selection
Alpha Gear
Neugart WGE
IMS MicroLynx
SEW Eurodrive
FLEX Drive

Linear Motors

With the recent aquisition of NORMAG (Northern Magnetics, Inc.) Baldor now offers a full line a linear steppers, DC linear motors, linear stages, AC linear motors and torquers. Providing high speed and acceleration combined with precision position control, our linear motors provide solutions for applications such as "pick and place", PCB assembly or inspection, positioning tables, robotics and many more.


MINT Motion Products

Fully coordinated motion to 8 axis. "Book casse" style and PC bus mounting available. Baldor's MINT programming language is a structure form of BASIC designed for motion control with "keywords" for ease in programming. Optional "C" programming. Capabilities include: electronic gearing, CAMs, flying shears, trapezoidal & "S" curve profiles, and circular interpolation. CAN bus networking. Windows based programming tools.


Animatics smart motorAnimatics Smart Motor

The possibilities are limitless! Our SmartMotor™ suite of products provide a wide range of capabilities, sizes, and functionality, all offering the flexibility and power of our fully-integrated, closed loop servo technology. The Animatics development team can work with you to design and produce a creative solution to all of your motion control needs. Click Here.


AC Servo Motors

Stock and custom designs are available with CE/UL/CSA. The BSM series provide continuous stall torques of 3-366 lb-in (0.3 - 42 Nm). Blower provisions available to extend the torque range. Speed ranges up to 12,000 rpm. Standard world wide acceptable shaft & mounting i.e. NEMA MG-7 standard for servo motors (identical to IEC).


Panasonic motion controlPanasonic Motion Control System

Now Panasonic offers a complete solution for motion control. Low cost high performance Panasonic S series servo. The world smallest PLC, FP Sigma with super high speed 4Mpps motion control unit and a plug-and-play wiring interface block. This total motion system will simplify your machine while increasing its performance.


Oriental stepping motorsOriental Stepping Motors

The AlphaStep is a revolutionary hybrid stepping motor and driver package which eliminates missed steps. The AlphaStep uses a built-in feedback device that constantly monitors the motor shaft position to detect and correct for loss of synchronism. Click Here.


Danfoss invertersDanfoss AC Inverters

Danfoss has a drive to meet your needs. For cost-effectiveness and system optimization, VLT 5000 drives are available in many different hardware configurations, including VLT units with built-in dynamic braking. Units with dynamic brake require an external brake resistor to complete the installation. The extended configuration offers connection terminals for load sharing capabilities between VLT remote 24 VDC supply to maintain the control card and logic during removal of the AC input power. RFI filters are standard on all 1-10 HP (460VAC) and 1-5 HP (230 VAC) configurations and are available as a built-in option for all higher HP models.


SEW Movidyne

SEW MOVIDYN Servo Controllers with DFS/DFY permanent-field synchronous motors offer a high dynamic response and a wide adjustment range. Through sinusoidal commutation, the SEW MOVIDYN Servo Controllers ensure precise and smooth rotation with minimal torque fluctuation ripple as well as good motor power utilization even at low speeds.
A special activation control of the final stage minimizes switching losses. The system thus achieves an optimum power density. The consistent modular design allows the specific selection of the necessary individual functional components. The use of using direct mains connections without transformers offers a large variety of cost effective servo drive solutions.
The modular design allows an optimal configuration for every drive requirement, whether it is controlling speed, torque or position. MOVIDYN combines solid technology, increased electrical environmental compatability and numerous protection features with a modern communication concept.
SEW MOVIDYN Servo Controllers meet the EMC standards EN 50 081 and EN 50 082 as a prerequisite for conformity of the complete electrical installation to the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC. The other requisite is EMC-compliant installation.


Baldor H2 servo driveBaldor’s new line of H2 Servo Drives provides control of 3-phase AC induction servomotor in an industrial package and design. These Nema 1 controls offer Baldor’s easy to use Smart Keypad for easy setup and flexibility. The H2 keypad follows the same easy to use menu structure as that of its companions, the H2 Inverter and H2 Vector drives.
The One-touch autotuing feature provides quick tuning of the motor to the control. More enhanced tuning can be accomplished using Baldor’s free Workbench v5.5 tool. The Workbench tool provides an oscilloscope for performing step responses and further fine-tuning of the H2 Servo Drive.