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Controls Overview
Omron Temp Controller with DeviceNet
Panasonic HMI & PLC products
Ethernet Repeater from interlinkBT
Kubler Encoders
Turck Sensoplex Video

Panasonic introduces the new ultra fast compact FP-X series PLC after great success with the compact FP0 series. The FP-X is set to redefine the industrial brick style PLC with new levels of expandability in a small robust package. With its super fast (0.32usec / inst.) processor, large program memory, 8 built-in high speed counters, Modbus master/slave, and new stackable expansion cassettes, the FP-X is well suited for most control applications.


EXOR eTOP industrial plc worksations

eTOP 10
5.6" TFT or STN, 320x240 Resolutions
eTOP 30
10.4" TFT or STN,  640x480 Resolution
eTOP 40
12.1"/15.1" TFT,  800x600/1024x768 Resolution
eTOP 110
5.6" to 12.1" TFT or STN, 320x240 to 800x600 Resolution


Red Lion TX700T color operator interface terminal

10.4" Bright, Wide Viewing Angle VGA Color Display
640 x 480 Pixel CCFL TFT
200 x 200 Cell Resistive Touchscreen
218mm x 309mm
Slide Out Softkey Menus
500 Alarm Point Scanner
Powerful Recipe Handling
32-bit/Floating Point Math
Direct, Network or Modem Link to PLC Control

The NEW GT-11 from Panasonic is 70% brighter than its predecessor the GT-10. The GT-11 is a perfect HMI solution for any automated system looking for a colorful and powerful display. The GT-11 is full of new functionality; such as Recipe, Graphs, multi-language support and much much more.

Panasonic FP Sigma PLC

You won't believe how fast and how powerful this compact plc is. (30 x 90 x 60mm)
The FP Sigma is the state of the art PLC.    Here is why. The throughput time when you use an interrupt input is only 50 micro seconds. This is including hardware delay time. All high level instructions are executed faster in the Sigma than our fastest PLC, the FP2SH. Do not be fooled by its size. The Sigma features fast counters, communication, and motion control. You can increase the performance of your machine while occupying very little space. This unit can be programmed with two different software packages, FPWIN-GR Version 2 and object oriented FPWIN-PRO Version 4 (Full blown IEC1131). 



Digital I/Os still play an important role in the field of decentralized fieldbus components. That's why WAGO developed the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 752, which is a perfect addition to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750. The system is extremely compact, space saving, and cost effective. The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 752 consists of a base module which allows prewiring of the sensor/actuator connections and a pluggable electronic module which incorporates the entire electronics. An electronic module can be replaced without interfering with the field wiring. The power supply to the sensors is protected by a fuse in the base module. Click Here.


Xycom Pro-faceXycom Pro-face

 Click Here

  • 3.8" to 15" Crisp, Clear HMI Displays
  • TFT, STN Color or Mono touch screens
  • Data Sharing & Collection thru OPC, DDE, SQL, etc.
  • Web-enabled & Remote Monitoring Capabilities
  • Large Selection of Controller Connectivity
  • Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS422/485 and CompactFlash™ interfaces
  • Full-featured HMI Screen Editor Software

Kübler by TURCK

Kübler encoders are available in both solid-shaft and new hollowshaft designs, making it the broadest selection available. Hollowshaft encoders save up to 30% in costs and up to 50% of the required space versus shaft encoders. The compete “Kübler by TURCK” line includes miniature to large bore incremental shaft encoders, incremental hollowshaft encoders, absolute single- and multiturn models in both solid-shaft and hollowshaft designs, plus programmable models. Additional products include stainless steel models, draw-wire linear models, plus a wide range of accessories including mounting flanges, brackets, couplings and more.
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PULS power suppliesThe PULS portfolio of power supplies consists of three product families: MiniLine (25-100W), SilverLine (60-960W) and DIMENSION (80-480W).
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